Wednesday, 24 June 2015

Malaga On The Bus

Today we went to Malaga on the bus wich was very convenent for us given the location of our hotel. I could only just about manage this post from the actual hotel and now  I am adding to it back at home.

The bus to Malaga is a lot more stop-start than the train but it does mean you don't have to do the horrendous trek up the steep hills to Arroyo De la Miel. I'm sure we would use this bus service again in future.

Tuesday, 23 June 2015

Janet's Photos @ Siroco

While in the hotel it took all it could just tp upload one single photo. I'm adding this text now I'm back at home.
The heat in Benalmadina last week was too much. I can't take extreme heat like I once could. I'm pretty pleased to be back home in a bit of Yorkshire Cold. To be honest though, it's actually quite midl and a bit muggy too.

Little Bull Ring In Mijas

Here's the little bull ring in Mijas. I did wonder this time about now taking any photos of it since i would really like not to have anything to do with bull fighting at all. In Malaga I didn't photograph their huge bull ring. I totally disapprove of these horrific blood sports in this day and age.

Friday, 19 June 2015

Good Sunbathing Area At The Siroco

Janet this morning before many people had come out to sunbathe. It was really quiet for quite a while first thing.

It Can Hardly Cope With One Photo Let Alone Two

I just feel so strongly these days that if a hotel advertises that it has wifi then it ought to be of useable quality. Here at the Siroco, Benalmadina it's reminiscent of the days of dial up. Really it's practically useless if you want do do more than look at e-mails and send text messages. When it comes to photos, forget it!